VST overview

The Visual Strategy Trader (VST) is a customizable strategy platform, complete with a uniquely integrated visual display of profit and risk.

All elements within the VST template are fully interconnected, so that changing strategies or adjusting any parameters will also immediately
update all signals and backtesting results, for an instant visual feedback on the chosen system's profit and risk characteristics.

The VST platform is free.
Available for all versions of MetaStock - EOD/Pro/Forex, v8.0 and above.

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The key to unlocking the power of VST is to take advantage of its CRE technology:

Change    Refresh    Experiment

Changing parameters and refreshing the chart allows for unprecedented rapid experimentation with any of the VST strategy combinations - profit and risk charts and commentary stats immediately reflect changes made.  It's that easy to use.

You need the VST if:

       1) You are looking for a mechanical system which verifies profitability;
       2) You are looking for an integrated and reliable visual representation of Profit and Risk;
       3) You'd like to see how different strategies relate in terms of Risk/Reward.

The VST platform is free and available now.

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Please note that there is no personal support available with this free offer.


  Past performance is not necessarily indicative of future results.
Performance may vary depending on data used:
We use and recommend EOD data from Premium Data.
  This product is an educational tool; it is not a recommendation
to buy or sell, and should only be used by investors who are
aware of the risk inherent in trading.
  Neither Jose Silva nor MetaStockTools.com shall be held liable
for any investment losses based on the use of this software.
  All VST code remains the property of Jose Silva.