Divergence Pro kit v1.0

Contrarian, lag-less, accurate, Divergence Long/Short entry signals for MetaStock.
Add a razor-sharp edge to your trade timing methodology.
For stocks, indices, futures & forex.

New - Divergence Pro kit!
256 divergence types with one click

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• Major/minor Divergence signals
• Two Divergence methods
• Variable peak/trough definition
• Divergence signal relative strength
• Risk management module
(Long/Short SmartStop trailing stop)
(variable position sizing)
• All Divergence warning signals
• Global parameters control
• Experimental module
• Risk-normalized/annualized profit indicators
• Multi-timeframe pivots, and more
• Completely replaces older MACDH Divergence kit

segmented SmartStops

Regarded by Dr. Alexander Elder as the strongest signal in technical analysis,
MACD Histogram Divergence signals identify likely major turning points.

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• Major/minor, Long/Short Divergence signals automatically plotted on charts.
• Major signal frequency: approx avg 3-5 EOD signals per trading year.
• Minor signal frequency: approx avg 7-10 EOD signals per trading year.
• Divergence signal strength indicator.
• Impending major Divergence warning signals.
• Global indicator changes SmartStop & Expert parameters simultaneously.

Dow Jones Industrials Index

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• Signals also useful as a market filter.

Crude Oil - US$/barrel

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• Works equally well on futures.

Gold - US$/oz

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• Another excellent example of timely/value Long/Short entry points.

Divergence chart of the month - AU:OSH

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• Works equally well on forex data - Pound/US$ example

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• Adjustable Volatility-based Long/Short trailing SmartStop included.

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• Original and alternative Divergence methods

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• Works equally well on large & mid-caps - note variable position sizing indicator

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New: Powerful & versatile risk-normalized/annualized Long & Short Profit % indicators.
A set of powerful & accurate system-development tools.

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New: Pivot indicators for Intraday, EOD & Weekly charts,
as used in Forex trading strategies

• Custom & preset, combined major/minor Long/Short Divergence explorations
for easy detection of Divergence signals for whole market

Quote from Dr Elder's book, "Come Into My Trading Room" p.183:

"... Divergences, so visible to the naked eye, are notoriously hard to program.
The best programmer I know tells me he's done it
- it is the pinnacle of his success - using the most expensive software."

MACDH/All-In-One Divergence kit v10

Included in the original MACD Histogram Divergence kit v10:

• 51 fully-adjustable indicators allow flexibility & easy integration into other systems.
Some of the MACDH Divergence kit indicators:

Major Divergence signals
Minor Divergence signals
SmartStop Long/Short trailing stop
Variable Position Sizing indicator
Divergence Long/Short trade flags
Divergence warnings for major & minor signals
Divergence signal relative strength
Master (global parameters) control module
Experimental & fully configurable MACD Histogram
Experimental MACDH Divergence signals
Experimental MACDH Divergence confirmation signals
12 risk-normalized/annualized profit indicators
Intraday, EOD & Weekly pivot indicators
Divergence - All-In-One signals, flags, profit indicators

New: Special indicator set, expert & template, for 112 different types of divergence.

• The MACDH Divergence kit works on all timeframes, including intraday charts.

• Special indicator set & expert for fast-moving intraday charts.

• Custom & preset, combined major/minor Long/Short Divergence multi-explorations.

• Chart experts with major/minor Long/Short Divergence signals & SmartStop bands.

• Two methods of MACDH Divergence determination: original & alternative.

• Alert signals - gives 1 day's warning of possible Divergence signals.

• MACDH Divergence signals strength indicator.

• SmartStop & variable position sizing indicator - normalizes trade risk to specified %

• Risk-normalized profit indicators - powerful system-development tools.

• Experimental fully-configurable MACDH allows custom Divergence signals.

• 4 multiple-output explorations, including a versatile profit exploration.

• 10 MetaStock Chart templates - no need to setup up indicators, etc.

• Major kit parameters managed from within a single global indicator.

• The MACDH Divergence kit includes two versatile MetaStock DLLs.

Please see the MACDH Divergence kit's documentation for full details.

The MACD Histogram Divergence kit uses contrarian techniques to attempt to extract top & bottom value entry points. It is specially useful when coupled with shorter-term, price pattern-based trading exits.

The kit includes a capital-protection SmartStop trailing stop, but it is up to the individual user to develop his/her own system exits that respond to specific market conditions suitable to his/her trading strategy and style. Please see this Forex trading strategy for an example.

The full potential of this kit can best be fully & truly appreciated by experienced traders who understand how difficult it is to enter early into any market rally, short or long.

Unlike many other seemingly similar products, the MACDH Divergence kit does not "cheat" by using any hindsight-based functions such as ZigZag, Peak or Trough. All MACDH Divergence signals are static - i.e., once any signals appear (either in real-time or EOD), they remain true and stay firmly in place.

All future kit version updates/upgrades remain free for life to all genuine kit owners.

Automatic kit installation suitable for MetaStock EOD/Pro v8.0 & above.
Earlier versions of MetaStock require manual copying & pasting of all formulae,
an approximate 30~50 minute task.

Price and ordering

The Divergence Pro kit is priced at  USD 695 payable through any Credit/Debit card, PayPal, MoneyBookers, Bank transfer or Western Union.

Please order your Divergence kit directly from the author here.

Crash of '87 signals - luck or foresight?
Don't wait for the next major market correction to find out...

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Chart from client:

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Thanks for your help getting (customized Divergence kit) up and running.
Figured you might want this chart on your website!
Your indicator seems to work brilliantly on an intra-day basis!