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MetaStock formulae

Sample of unique & proprietary early MetaStock formulae developed by Jose Silva.

There is no support available for any of these or other MetaStock formulae.
All queries regarding MetaStock indicators or programming will be ignored.

• Indicators

Multiple RoC

- multiple RoC plot (seven Australian Banks example) from any date - setup and instructions included.

2-point plot

- coding example of 2-point, x/y line plot - useful for creating automatic chart trendlines


- adjustable automatic trendline


- date-adjustable chart trendline

Benchmark trendline

- plots a performance benchmark trendline based on a fixed % yearly growth rate - with several user inputs

LinReg Trendline v4

- Linear Regression Trendline with Standard Deviation/Error Channels/Bands, date-adjustable.

ADX - True - v2.0

- true ADX/PDI/MDI, incorporating automatic Support/Resistance levels.

ATR - custom

- custom-smoothed ATR, with 8 choices for smoothing, incorporating automatic overBought/Sold levels.

ATR - true & reverse

- true, reverse & MetaStock $/% versions of smoothed/normalized Average True Range indicator.

ATR bands

- ATR bands, superior volatility bands - with ATR, Bollinger, multi-composite choices and parameters.

Bar Stats

- displays chart data bar statistics, with multiple output choices

BarsSince Nth event

- counts bars since Nth event (last event, 2nd last, etc), with multiple output choices

Boxed Ellipse

- draws boxes based on high & low of selected period, and draws ellipses within them

Display restriction

- restricts any indicator plot to selected date period

Dynamic Mom Index

- improved & fully adjustable Dynamic Momentum Index

Ergodic Oscillator

- two Ergodic versions, histogram, auto overbought/sold levels & crossover signals output choices


- improved Exponential Moving Average with crossover signals output choice


- ATR volatility-adjusted, dynamic-period EMA with multiple output choice


- Bollinger Band volatility-adjusted, dynamic-period EMA with multiple output choices


- breakout-sensitive EMA - reacts quicker (tightens) at price breakouts. With multiple output choices.


- cycle-adaptive EMA - periodicity determined by historical price cycles


- EMA, price-change filtered. Ignores prices outside min/max % price-change zone.


- EMA based on trough/peak support/resistance points - reacts quicker (tightens) at price turning points


- RSI volatility-adjusted, dynamic-period EMA with multiple output choices


- EMA synthetic slope indicator

EMA trade-adj

- self-adjusting EMA, adjusts periodicity to trade frequency - with multiple output choices


- price volatility-adjusted, dynamic-period EMA with multiple output choices


- improved volume-adjusted, dynamic-period EMA with multiple output choices

EMA-volume II

- samples above/below-avg volume bars - two EMA versions, with multiple output choices.


- Ichimoku Kinko Hyo indicator with adj Tenkan Sen Kijun Sen Chikou Span Senkou Span Kumo cloud

MA, centered v4

- uses forward-referencing to center Mov Avg automatically, and projects future values & channels

MA, sine-weighted

- normalized, lag-less, sine-weighted Moving Average, MA oscillator, with divergence signals

MA, phased

- non-adaptive approximation of Mark Jurik's Moving Avg, with band signals and other options


- plots the highest High & lowest Low within selected calendar (daily charts) or time (intraday) periods

Keltner Bands

- Keltner & Bollinger Bands, fully adjustable with multiple output choices

LinReg formulae

- Linear Regression Indicator/Slope formulae

LinReg Slope

- Linear Regression synthetic slope, displays output in 0~100% or 0~90 degrees


- normalized MACD % & histogram, +/-100%, with multiple output choices

MACD oscillator v2.0

- Stochastic-normalized MACD oscillator / Schaff Trend Cycle, multiple output choices, signals

MACD composite

- normalized MACD oscillator based on composite multi-EMA's - with auto over-bought/sold levels


- normalized Momentum +/-100%, with trigger signals

Momentum smoothed

- lag-less, LRS-smoothed normalized Momentum


- normalizes price/indicator to 0~100% boundary oscillator; normalizes two unrelated plots to same scale.

Nth Hi/Lo

- plots 1~8th highest/lowest indicator values

Null bar removal

- removes leading/trailing null (N/A) bars from any plot

OHLC - Daily

- daily Open/High/Low/Close (current or previous day's) for intraday charts

OHLC - Weekly

- true weekly Open/High/Low/Close/WC/Typ for daily/intraday charts, independent of any missing data

OHLC - multi charts

- daily/Weekly/Monthly/Yearly previous Open/High/Low/Close for any periodicity charts

Pip size detector

- detects the historically smallest traded price movement (pip) on a chart - useful for forex trading

Rainbow oscillator

- identical to MetaStock v10's RMO SwingTrd1 indicator, fully adjustable variables & two types of signals

RoC multi-period

- Rate of Change (RoC %/$) for daily/weekly/monthly/quarterly/yearly periodicities

RoC since event/date

- Rate of Change since user-defined event or date, fully adjustable outputs


- Rate of Change of MACD-type indicator - with automatic over-bought/sold levels


- rounds off any numerical value to nearest specified decimal place or integer


- sine-weighted smoothed RSI, automatic historically-valid RSI peak/trough boundaries & signals


- RSI, Stochastic-normalized with multiple output choices

Schaff Trend Cycle

- Schaff Trend Cycle oscillator & indicator, with automatic trigger levels

Signal accumulator

- accumulates OBV or Volume (or any other signal) between & including two user-input dates or signals

Siroc x2

- two interpretations of the Siroc indicator, with trigger & automatic over-bought/sold signals

Stepped output

- plots price or indicator values in user-defined quantized $ or % steps


- bubble-sort up to eight plot values, from highest to lowest or viceversa.


- plots Support & Resistance levels based on two types of Peaks/Troughs, fully adjustable


- 5-wave synthetic cycle generator - creates complex price patterns from simple sine wave components


- multiple-type Triple Moving Average (TEMA), fully adjustable output


- True Strength Index, fully adjustable & with automatic over-bought/sold levels.

Turnover $

- measuring $ turnover makes more sense than comparing Volume - multiple outputs

UpDown Oscillator

- measures Up/Down bar count against unchanged bars. With automatic over-bought/sold levels and signals

Swing Volume

- averages Volume along Up/Downside swings - with multiple output choices

Weekly EMA/SMA

- true weekly EMA/SMA & trigger signals for daily/intraday charts. Independent of any missing data.

Weekly MACD

- true weekly MACD/Histogram for daily/intraday charts. Plot independent of any missing data.

Yearly Hi/Lo

- yearly High & Low, with multiple output choices.

Yearly Hi/Lo dates

- yearly High & Low signals, and corresponding dates in dd/mm/yy format.

YTD Hi/Lo v3

- true YearToDate Highs & Lows - choice of values, signals, selectable Nr of lookback days/weeks.

Yearly RoC

- yearly Rate of Change (RoC), with multiple output choices.

ZigZag toolkit

- complete ZigZag-based toolkit - allows use of points in Peak/Trough functions. With multiple output choices.

ZigZag - Hi/Lo

- ZigZag based on High/Low data. With multiple output choices.

• Calendar-based reference indicators

Lunar phases Mk XV

- the original and unique MetaStock Lunar indicator - plots accurate Full/New/Q1/Q3 Moon signals

Calendar Converter

- converts chart bar periods to calendar Days/Weeks and vice versa.

Calendar Calculator

- calculates/counts future/past calendar days/weeks from current chart data date

Calendar day Ref()

- similar to MetaStock's standard Ref() function, uses x calendar days (from last day) for lookback

Day counter

- calendar day counter from 01/01/0001 - count is independent of any missing chart data

Day of Year counter

- calendar day of year counter - count is independent of any chart periodicity or missing data

Days to Date

- counts down calendar days to selected (user-input) date


- similar to the BarsSince() function: plots calendar day count since the last Nth event occurrence

Event date

- plots yymmdd date at customizable event signals

Time filters

- date & intraday time filters, with user date/time inputs & sample application

VIX option signals

- signals correct VIX/VXN/RVX Options expiration days, and plots the hindsight-based Close for those days.

Weekday counter

- weekday (Mon~Fri) counter with example code - count is independent of any missing chart data

Week counter

- calendar week counter from 01/01/0001 - count is independent of any missing chart data

Week of Year counter

- calendar week of year counter - count is independent of any chart periodicity or missing data

Week's start/end v2

- correct start & end of week signals for daily/intraday charts, independent of any missing chart data

Month start/end

- signals correct 1st & last trading days of month

Weekday of Month

- plots selected calendar weekday (Mon~Fri, 1~5) within month - useful for seasonality studies

Weekday Stats

- measures individual weekday performance - useful to determine micro-seasonal tendencies in any market

Week of Month v2

- plots selected calendar week (1~5) within month - useful for seasonality studies

Missing data indicator

- plots missing calendar trading days count found on any daily chart

Auto chart detector

- detects Daily/Weekly/Monthly/Quarterly/Yearly charts automatically - with application example

Periodicity marker

- collection of variable Nth-bar and Day/Week/Month/Quarter/Year signal indicators, with sample application

• System/signal indicators

Trade signals v4.0

- removes multiple redundant entry & exit system signals and plots clean buy/sell trade signals.

Profit curve v3.0

- plots system (and Buy & Hold) profit % Long curve, max Drawdown %, clean entry/exit signals.

Profit - seasonal

- tests seasonal (Nov-April) market strength theory with two profit indicators and exploration

ATR trailing stop

- Long/Short ATR Chandelier trailing stop & signals - MetaStock & TradeSim versions

Std trailing stop

- Long/Short price trailing stop & signals - MetaStock, TradeSim & AdvTrailingStop plug-in versions

Profit/Loss Stop

- ProfitStop/StopLoss indicator example for use in self-referenced EntryPrice-related exit


- Long/Short breakout system signals (similar to the Original Turtles Trading Rules) & Exploration

Countback Oscillator

- countback-type oscillator, complete with two types of entry/exit signals and fully adjustable.

Divergence v4

- class "A" (strongest bullish/bearish patterns) signals, price vs 4-indicator divergence

Drop/Bounce signals

- volatility & percentage based Price-Drop/Bounce system signal indicators, fully adjustable

EMA x3 crossovers

- triple EMA crossover (bow tie) system signals (Long/Short), fully adjustable

OBV volatility

- On Balance Volume Volatility, with multiple output choices and system indicator

Random signals

- fully adjustable random trade generator, complete with profit curve & report on four exit strategies


- Alan Hull's Rate of Return indicator set


- MetaStockTools' interpretation of Dr Alexander Elder's AutoEnvelope, with system signals

Force Index

- MetaStockTools' interpretation of Dr Elder's Force Index, with several output choices


- MetaStockTools' interpretation of Dr Elder's Impulse system

Kangaroo tails

- MetaStockTools' interpretation of Dr Elder's Kangaroo Tail, with Long/Short signals


- MetaStockTools' interpretation of Dr Elder's SafeZone Long/Short trailing stop & signals

My Trading Room

- MetaStockTools' interpretation of Dr Elder's "Come into My Trading Room"

System developer

- basic & intermediate examples of multiple-choice system development indicators

Pattern 01

- basic pattern system - profitable in 81% of ASX100 stocks and the SPI. Fully adjustable.

• Explorations

52-week highs

- exploration for currently active, true 52-week high stocks

52-week lows

- exploration for currently active, true 52-week low stocks

Hi rise exploration

- exploration for highest percentage rise in share prices, multiple data outputs

Market cycles

- indicator & 2 exploration set to help determine average historical market cycles

• Fun

Crystal Ball

- has predicted the Year's High/Low/Close with 100% accuracy for each of the past 12 years

RBS system

- renowned trader Ramona S takes the world by storm with her system based on famous Ramona Bands

BlackBox system

- typical million-dollar Black Box system, complete with instructions and hidden code ;)

Holy Grail MkIV

- Holy Grail MkIV system Long; funtastic profitability & low drawdowns

Elliot Waves

- complete set of Elliot Wave MetaStock code & "trading" methodology


- complex-code indicator - sometimes more is less... ;)


- Harmonic pattern/stock correlator. Plot & scroll through stocks to find meaningful patterns.

Chart's eye

- keep an eye on your charts ;-)

Loose Lips

- new pattern - the charts speak

Probability addition

- check your numeracy skills with this simple MetaStock indicator

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Useful links and downloads to help with your personal trading
• MetaStock & other utilities

Formula Primer

- the MetaStock Formula Primer explains the MetaStock Formula Language and how it works

MS data converter

- Mansoor's MetaStock format <--> ascii text data conversion set of utilities for MetaSTock v11 or earlier

Adv Trail Stop

- Richard Dale's excellent Advanced Trailing Stop plug-in for MetaStock

prob calculator

- simple probability calculator for warrants and options

• Data links

Economic Calendar

- real-time Economic Calendar

GICS table

- Global Industry Classification Standard (GICS) table of Sectors, Industry Groups, Industries & Sub-Industries


- the best quality source of world-wide data in Australia - used by all charts

• Other useful links

Forex strategy

- intraday Forex trading strategy

Turtles system

- the original Turtles Trading strategy (pdf)


- egocentric tendencies traders must avoid

Hardwired gambler

- from the emerging field of Neuroeconomics: seeking is more pleasurable than eventual reward.

• Pegasus ( predecessor) memorabilia

first day

- Pegasus' first day of trading in the new millenium

tech wreck

- Pegasus' track record in the boom/bust

early Pegasus

- way back in 2001... a blast from the past

• All work and no play...

Einstein's advice

- see what Albert Einstein has to say about


- hard at work at's office

view1 v2 v3 v4 v5

- more views from the office

The Big Picture

- Awareness in the Age of Information - excellent TED video

Trading strategy

- stock market investing in a nutshell...


- a day in the life of 95% of financial "educators" - courtesy of


- a recipe for success - try it!


- a rare an refreshing look at an industry that is too often dishonest - the financial industry.


- excellent (pdf) article on the psychology of happiness, written by analysts at an investment bank!

secret of success

- how to get smarter, one breath at a time

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